Search and Rescue Teams Directory

Search and Rescue Websites DirectorySARworld intends to create the biggest central directory of search and rescue online. This will include not only links to the websites of SAR teams of all disciplines, but also to their social media accounts, be they Facebook, Twitter, Google or other.

There will also be a section of links to SAR suppliers, whether supplying SAR equipment or services.

Over the next few months one of my jobs will be to start collating all those links and putting them online. I will be starting with the UK based teams first but I fully intend to spread further afield after that.

As this process happens I will be sending out e-mails to teams informing them of the relaunched SARworld website and asking them to ensure the online information about their team is correct. Teams will also be asked to add SARworld to their Press Release distribution list to ensure we have a constant stream of SAR related news and articles for our readers.

How can you help?

If your team is not listed, why not let us know?
You can either use our links section to submit your link, or contact us through our contacts page.

You can help spread the news of the relaunched SARworld website too. Liking us on Facebook, and sharing our link is an easy way to help.

Your webmaster can add a link to the SARworld website on your team's website to help enable your team members and supporters find our site too.

One final note, make sure that your PR officer is sending all Press Releases to the editor to ensure your team's news is published quickly worldwide.

If you really want to help more, why not contact us about helping the website team; collating news, articles and links and helping to make the SARworld site the premier SAR website.