Search and Rescue Teams Directory

Search and Rescue Websites DirectorySARworld intends to create the biggest central directory of search and rescue online. This will include not only links to the websites of SAR teams of all disciplines, but also to their social media accounts, be they Facebook, Twitter, Google or other.

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A Cultural Shift in Search and Rescue?

Hiker helping HikerLlanberis Mountain Rescue Team, were forced to edit a Facebook post on Monday after a simple report of a rescue deteriorated into a discussion about the injured party themselves and then swiftly moved on to the perennial question of charging for rescue. Unfortunately this type of incident and the inevitable debate that follows is indicative of the changing face of search and rescue.


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Leadership Skills in Search and Rescue Teams

SAR Leadership CompasssMany volunteer SAR leaders come into the community with a number of leadership skills gained already, whether in a military or emergency service background or from leadership and management positions in business. These skills are invaluable, especially during SAR incidents where good quality leadership and management help define the SAR response and truly save lives.


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Search and Rescue Research

SAR Researcher in front of chalkboardWhether you are interested in it or not, Search and Rescue research is extremely important in both proving the effectiveness of our equipment and techniques but also for driving improvements in both. Fortunately for all of us, research into SAR has increased rapidly in the last few years and university courses encompassing search and rescue are becoming more common across the world.

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SARworld needs your Support

SARworld writer at laptop under treeYou may have noticed that after a three year break, we are trying to revive the SARworld website. SARworld was set up by SAR volunteers as a website for SAR volunteers; with news and articles that you would like to read.

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