SARworld - A starting point

It has been my pleasure over my career to meet lots of very dedicated SAR professionals - both paid and unpaid - from lots of different SAR disciplines. I have always been amazed by the energy, passion and enthuiasm shown by them all to helping people they do not know, in situations where most people are hunkering down and taking cover. Whether they are up in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter walking the streets looking for an old lady with dementia, out on a blizzard strewn mountain looking for some missing hikers, or out on a treacherous sea looking for a missing fishing vessel they are all... NO...

YOU are all heroes who deserve more for what you do.

SARworld is our clumsy attempt to give you something that is that "little bit extra", something you can all call your own. Johnnie Walker, Chairman of Sussex Search and Rescue (Sussar) Team, summed it up best in our forums when he said;

"What I want is a sort of electronic bar, where the SAR people drink, where I can shoot the breeze, read some interesting articles, learn about cool kit I'd like to buy if I was wealthier, and take the mick out of Rob's jumpers.

Many of the people using this resource are volunteers. They work hard and behave very professionally, but they are still doing it as a hobby. They deserve a website that lets them have some fun, discuss whatever they want, and generally lets them mix with other SAR people."

SARworld, then, is an online magazine aimed at SAR professionals in the UK and around the world. It's one aim is to bring you all together - whatever your personal fetish; mountains, seas, caves, collapsed buildings - to have fun, socialise, comment upon the editor's clothing choices and maybe even read some news and articles that you find interesting, informative and useful.

How will it work?

Who knows for sure at this moment. It is a work in progress; but we aim to have several "sections" to the website.

There is the SARworld forum, already up and running, where you can "hangout", debate what's on here or what's happening in your team. Why not register now and introduce yourself?

However, SARworld will be starting a Monday to Friday daily news service; with details of all the latest team callouts, training exercises and courses, missing persons and other news of interest to you - the SAR professional. Make sure your team are sending us all your press releases and details of all your callouts and training.

Alongside the news we will be bringing you feature articles - longer pieces introducing you to different teams or SAR resources, explaining new SAR techniques or equipment and interviews with the people in charge of UK SAR! Don't be afraid to send in your articles for inclusion, we want everyone to feel involved.

SARworld will also include a large SAR directory with links to as many SAR teams, equipment providers and SAR related websites as we can. Why not suggest a link if you find a new SAR website not included?

How much will this cost?

SARworld will carry adverts, aimed specifically at SAR professionals, which will allow us to provide this service FREE of charge to those who do so much for our community without pay. However, on top of this we also aim to return at least 60% of our income back to the SAR charities that you represent through grants and donations. More details of these will be published once we start making an income. [If you wish to advertise on SARworld, please contact us for rates.]

What now?

SARworld is your magazine. Read it regularly, comment on it, send in your's and your team's news, suggest web links or maybe even write an article. If we are not covering something, let us know. But most importantly enjoy it. Welcome to SARworld!

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